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Attorney General Peter Kilmartin Applauds Ethics Reform Advancement
Published on: May 29, 2014

Pawtucket, RI— Today, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin applauded the Senate Judiciary Committee in passing out of committee S 2824.  If passed by the General Assembly, S 2824 would provide Rhode Island voters with the opportunity to limit the immunities granted to members of the General Assembly who are found in violation of the code of ethics by the state Ethics Commission by amending the Rhode Island constitution in November. 


“As a legislator, I was proud to vote in favor of amending the Rhode Island Constitution to close the ‘ethics loophole’,” stated Kilmartin. “Speech in Debate should be free flowing, but should not shield legislators from accountability to the Ethics Commission. I applaud President Paiva Weed and Speaker Mattiello for the work in advancing ethics reform in recent weeks, and urge the members of the Senate to move this legislation forward.”


“As Attorney General, I led the charge to amend the state’s Access to Public Records Act, the first major revision in more than 15 years. I know first-hand the value of accountability and transparency in government, and I believe that this legislation will provide the public with greater trust in their elected leadership.”




In 2010, then-State Representative Kilmartin voted in favor of H 7357, which attempted to close the “Irons loophole.” Record of the vote can be found by clicking here.


About Peter F. Kilmartin

Peter F. Kilmartin served as Pawtucket police officer for nearly 24 years, rising to the rank of prosecutor and captain. As Attorney General, Peter has fought to keep our neighborhoods and families safe, enhance the economic security of our state, and restore trust in our government.  For more information, please visit